AMINOX(Single Organic Mineral Products)

A chelate is formed as a result of a special type of bond between a mineral and organic compounds. This bond can only be formed between certain minerals in the transition series in the periodic table and certain organic compounds.

Single Organic
Mineral Product
Content (%) Single Organic
Mineral Product
Content (%)
Fe-Aminox 20 Co- Aminox 1
Cu-Aminox 20 Mg- Aminox 10
Zn-Aminox 25 Se- Aminox 1
Mn-Aminox 20 Cr- Aminox 1


AMINOX COMPLEX (Organic Mineral Premixes)

AMINOX COMPLEX series are scientifically formulated organic trace mineral mixed blends containing 8 kinds of single organic minerals, based on the nutrient requirements for each different species and growth stages.

Species Product Feeding Appearance
Pig Aminox Complex-S Sow Powder
Aminox Complex-G Grower Powder
Harigel Piglet Liquid
Poultry Aminox Complex-AL Layer Powder, Liquid
Aminox Complex-AB Broiler Powder, Liquid
Aminox Complex-AD Duck Powder, Liquid
Ruminant Aminox Complex-BD Dairy cattle Powder
Aminox Complex-BB Beef cattle Powder
Stamina-D Dairy cattle Pot, block
Stamina-V Beef cattle Pot, block
Aquaculture Aminox Complex-AS Shrimp Powder
Aminox Complex-AF Fish Powder