MAMMA-SOMA(Sow Milk Stimulator)

MAMMA-SOMA is a multi-functional, multi-purpose sowmilk secretion stimulator consisting of 29 kinds of nutrients, for increasing milk yield and litter size, extending economic lifespan in sow, and for improving weight uniformity and weaning weight in piglets.

  • Active Ingredients

    • Organic Fe
    • Organic Cr
    • Traditional Herbs
    • Enzymes
    • Yeast Culture
    • Vitamin & Mineral premix
    • Flavour
  • Advantages of MAMMA-SOMA in Sows

    • Increased milk yield and feed intake
    • Prolong sow economic lifespan by more than 2 parities
    • Uniformed sow breasts and teats
    • Increased litter size: average 2 piglets per sow
  • Advantages of MAMMA-SOMA in Piglets

    • Increased weaning weight by more than 3kg/litter
    • Increased weight uniformity in weaning piglets
    • Pinky skin color of neonatal piglets
    • Reduced number of iron injections


SOMA-MEAT(Meat Quality Improvement Agent)

Meat Quality is influenced by many factors, mainly by genetics and nutrition. SOMA-MEAT is designed to increase muscle mass, decrease fat accumulation, and reduce drip loss, through modern biotechnological approach without using any chemicals, beta-agonist, or synthetic materials.

  • Active Ingredients

    • Organic Cr
    • Organic Se
    • Tryptophan
    • Electrolytes
    • Enzymes
    • Yeast Culture
  • Effects

    • Increased growth rate, feed efficiency
    • Improve carcass quality & maintain fresh meat color
    • Lowering social activity, longer sleeping time & reduced stress
    • Prevent drip loss (2% -> 0.7%)
    • Increase lean meat percentage (7%)
    • Less sudden death, muscular dystrophy, white muscle disease


SEM Plus(Egg Shell Quality Improvement Agent)

SEM Plus, a mixed organic mineral product with optimum formulation, was manufactured after various research on the effect in current poultry nutrition.

  • Active ingredients

    • Organic Se
    • Organic Zn
    • Organic Mn
  • Effects

    • Improve egg shell thickness and strength
    • Decrease mortality
    • Increase hatchability
    • Increase egg production


Feeding process video

STAMINA-D/V (Nutritional Licking Block [Dairy/Beef])

STAMINA-D/V is a complementary feeding supplement with high palatability for cows to supply energy and essential nutrients in a short time.

  • Active ingredients

    • Organic minerals
    • Vitamins
    • Molasses
  • Effects

    • Increase feed intake in high temperature/humidity condition
    • Support cows’ vitality under the situation of grain-driven feeding and lack of exercise.
    • Prevent production stress such as reproduction, milking, immune, and hoof health.


BETAILOCK (Heat Stress Alleviator)

SOMA Inc. has developed a new concept feed additive to boost up the blood circulation, to lower body temperature, and to increase insulin secretion. BETAILOCK stimulates DNA generation rate with improving the nutrient synthetic rate in the animal body, resulting in improvement of immune function.

  • Active Ingredients

    • Betaine
    • Organic Cr
    • Organic Se
    • Organic Mg
  • Effects

    • Reduce heat stress in animal
    • Improve productivity and meat quality
    • Increase feed intake
    • Boost up immune modulation