SOMA Inc. produces more than 60 kinds of eco-friendly feed additives by using biotechnological process, such as probiotics, yeast culture, enzymes, acidifiers, organic minerals, de-odor agent, propolis product, and others with possessing technical licenses and brand patents in most products.

These feed additives have been concerned for the alternatives from antibiotics, chemical products, and anti-microbial products which may be related to the human health concern.




SOMA is always focused on making a major progress towards producing high quality,
environment friendly products for the bright future of livestock

Dear our valued customers, business partners and friends.
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My name is Paul Han, CEO of SOMA Inc.
Since SOMA Inc. was established in 1998, we have been continuously developing that based on technology and know-how in animal production industry. SOMA Inc. has several patents and trademark rights for manufacturing chelated minerals, computerized feeding system, and brand functional meat and egg with biotechnological process.

SOMA Inc. has also focused on reducing production costs by unique outsourcing and toll manufacturing systems with expanding the sales of products not only to domestic markets but also to Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America countries. SOMA products, mostly multi-ingredients and multi-functional, are being acknowledged as giving profitable, simple, and solutions for feed mills and animal producers in worldwide.

In infinite competition period as modern business environment, SOMA Inc. recognizes that the eco-friendly products such as SOMA products, with advanced technology may be the unique answer to create the safe food chain network and to contribute better environment in the world for human.

Paul Soo Han, PH.D.


SOMA has been producing and providing feed additives
for the last 20 years

2018 Acquired GMP registration
2017 Acquired Certificate of Corporation with Advanced Technologies from NICE, National Information & Credit Evaluation Inc.
2016 Awarded a letter of commendation from Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
2015 Moved, Expanded to EumSeong Industrial Park

2013 Obtained and authentication certificate of ‘Business Innovation’
2013 Established an affiliated research Institute of SOMA Inc.
2012 Acquired ISO 14001 registration
2007 Change the company name to ‘SOMA Inc.’
2006 Acquired ISO 9001 registration

2001 Accreditation of 4 patents, 21 trademark rights
2001 Change the company name to ‘Geneybio Inc.’
1999 Started export to Asian countries
1998 Contracted with Hampton Consulting Co., Canada
1998 Established as ‘SOMA International Inc.’



Head Office & Plant : 24, Hanbul-ro 69 Beon-gil, Eumseong-eup, Eumseong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do 27698, Korea
Tel : +82 43 878 0591 / Fax : +82 43 878 0592 / Email : somafeednadditive@gmail.com