SOMA-CID(Acidifier with High Palatability)

SOMA-CID is a multifunctional acidifier containing organic acids, sweetner, lactic acid bacteria and electrolytes with perfect balance for maintaining the equilibrium of the intestinal bacterial flora and preventing diarrhea in young animals.

  • Active Ingredients

    • 5 Organic acids
    • Sweetner, Electrolytes
    • Direct Fed Microbials
  • Effects

    • Prevent diarrhea caused by pathogenic bacteria
    • An alternative against growth promoting antibiotics
    • Increase protein digestion, absorption rate
    • Buffering effect
    • Increase appetite feed intake, and daily gain
    • Low inclusion rate and easy to mix


CLEANTEC (For Better Environmental Condition for Animals)

CLEANTEC contains an extract of Yucca Schidigera plant and Pinaceae Colophorium plant known for their ability to reduce and bind ammonia(NH3) and other harmful gases arising from animal waste. Powder and liquid forms are available.

  • Active Ingredients

    • Yucca Extract
    • Pine Tree Extract
    • Odor absorbing agent
  • Effects

    • Binds harmful gas (Ammonia gas, H2S)
    • Increase protein accretion in the body
    • Prevent respiratory disease


SOMABOND FORTE(Multi-functional, Multi-ingredient Mycotoxin Binder)

SOMABOND Forte is a potent blend of mycotoxin adsorbents composed of polyvinylpolypyrrolidone(a synthetic, highly polar amphoteric polymer), Polymeric glucomannan adsorbing agent (biological adsorbents), Milk Thistle(Silymarin), and Purified and heat-activated phyllosilicate (minerals clays)

  • Active ingredients

    • Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone
    • Mannan-Oligosaccharides
    • Beta-Glucan
    • Silymarin
    • HSCAS
  • Effects

    • Bind mycotoxins
    • Increase immune modulation
    • Prevent liver damage/malfunction
    • Improve growth rate and reproduction performance in animals


IBC(Immune Enhancer Containing Nucleotides Extracted From Yeast Cell)

Nucleotides exert significant influence on many immunological and physiological functions in all living things. Nucleotides are instrumental in the healthy differentiation and development of the cells in not only cellular immunity but also humoral immunity. IBC is an immune enhancer with using yeast cell nucleus and cytosol.

  • Active Ingredients

    • Yeast cell extract
    • Inactivated dried yeast
    • Peptides
  • Effects

    • Boost humoral and cellular immunity
    • Increase natural body defence mechanism from disease
    • Contains aromatic natural appetizer
    • Maximized digestion and absorption of nutrients